Frequently Asked Questions

Edu4math aims to teach mathematics to students in an interactive and flexible way, making it fun and engaging. It is an educational platform that teaches math in the language of children by caricaturizing math topics.

The lesson content, specially prepared by teachers, is targeted towards children aged 6-10, based on the international math curriculum.

After becoming a member of the platform, you need to complete the purchase process. After that, you can access all the content for a period of 1 year.

Edu4math provides personalized statistics to enhance your learning experience. To track your progress in the modules, you need to go to the "My Achievements" page.

Students can reinforce the topics they have learned through the "One Article a Day," "maze," "Find the Differences," and "Worksheets" sections within the modules.

After becoming a member, you can make secure payments using Iyzico.

Edu4math is a platform specifically designed by teachers. Through video explanations, post-video activities, reinforcing tests, and supportive learning activities, students can easily understand mathematics. Thus, Edu4math also helps students in their exams.

Edu4math teaches children to learn math while having fun by gamifying mathematics. Through Edu4math, which aims to change the perspective on mathematics, your child can build a foundation in math.

Every student's learning experience is different. Therefore, Edu4math does not set a specific time limit for completing the modules.